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News Release August 4th 2014

Every child deserves the chance to play baseballGroup

News Release

Date: August 4, 2014

For more information contact: Craig Jensen at 208/642-4654 or Liz Amason 208/740-0111

First Miracle League game played at Boise Hawks Stadium proved inspirational for

everyone involved. Recently, the Boise Hawks Baseball Organization partnered with St Luke’s in

Boise to raise awareness about the Killebrew Miracle Field in Payette. With awareness and fundraising being

the primary focus of the local community, the Boise Hawks and St Luke’s provided a venue and

opportunity for children with special needs to come out and play some real baseball last


Children with special abilities traveled from throughout the Treasure Valley to have their own

special Miracle Game, preceding the regular Boise Hawks game that evening. All the Boise

Hawks players were out on the field, acting as “buddy players and coaches” to the children.

With two teams of players, each child had their opportunity at-bat, as well as playing field


“No one could have imagined how inspiring this game was going to be,” stated Executive

Director Craig Jensen. “We were hoping that having a Miracle Game in Boise would help raise

awareness for our program. What we didn’t know was how seeing a live game could affect our

supporters and board members. We were already committed to bringing the Killebrew Miracle

Field to Payette, but now we are ‘on fire’ to see that it gets done and quickly!”

Three days after the Miracle Game, some Miracle Players mothers had inspiring words to share

with board member, Liz Amason, via Facebook. Minga Coronado of Weiser shared, “We are so

grateful for this amazing experience, my son never played baseball, so this was an experience

he will never forget!! He was so excited, talked about it all night! I am so glad that children with

any disabilities can enjoy life to its fullest like anyone else!! God bless all of you!!” Blanca

Vargas of Ontario also shared, “I’m also grateful, and so excited. My son is still talking about his

experience at the game. I have not seen him so involved and passionate about something like

this and now wanting to play baseball. I want to thank everyone that made this possible. Thank

you for giving my son and the other children the opportunity to experience this wonderful


The Killebrew Miracle League of Payette is being constructed behind McCain Middle School in

Payette. Designed with a custom, rubberized playing field and special dimensions to

accommodate disabilities and special needs, the Killebrew Miracle Field will host seasonal

leagues for special players.

Fundraising for the Miracle Field is ongoing right now. This month will see the start up of

construction of the restroom facilities. Following that, the focus is to pour an asphalt

foundation and barrier surface by Fall 2014. With that area of construction completed, the

asphalt can settle and be prepped for the flat, rubberized playing surface the following spring.

For more information about the Killebrew Miracle Field of Payette, refer to their website at

www.miracleleagueofpayette.com. Inquires and donations can be made via the website or by

mail at PO Box 74, Payette, ID 83661 or by calling 208/642-4654.